WinSnap Pro Reviews

WinSnap 6.0.5 Pro Reviews With Easy Portable Screenshot Captor

WinSnap 6.0.5 Reddit Reviews VS Greenshot & Lightshot

WinSnap Pro Reviews

WinSnap 6.0.5 Reviews is a capturing software that is used to capture the images that display on your desktop. As we all need some important information for a long time in the form of photos. Then there has no direct method to use to capture the screenshots. We need software that is trusted and this software is the best to use.  This WinSnap Full is completely open-handed and has free-to-use tools that you can use to capture or edit the images that you will get with the help of this software. There has been no issue in capturing the screenshots from the device. This software will also give you an opportunity to handle all of the things that you want to save on your computer to open all of the images again.

Free Hand Editor:

The great advantage of this software is that you will be able to use a free-handed editor in which you can crop or add more things by using the tools that are present in the editor. You can also write on the images that you will click by this cool program. So by WinSnap Software, you will not need any kind of third-party software to install and use for the purpose of editing. You can also easily modify the screenshots of your choice. This software has simple work and no need for any kind of experience required. This software allows us to use some of the shortcut keys to work fast on software.

Screenshots in Various shapes:

It will allow us to capture the screenshots in different shapes like Rectangular and also in square. All of these screenshots will be in transparent background. This software will make the screenshots professional due to the use of outlines and adding some effects. WinSnap App is free for some users if you are a student and also want to use it for non-commercial use then you will not pay any money to pay for it. In any other case if you want to use it for a commercial you have to pay for it. The interface of this software is so attractive. You can open all of the screenshots by using this software or locally on the desktop easily.

Watermark of WinSnap For Windows:

If you are not interested to display the watermark on the images that you want to capture then you have to purchase the paid version of this software. Because in its complimentary version, it displays a big watermark on the images that are usually not liked by the people. Some of the free software provides us free services to use to capture some of our personal information but they usually fraud with users by selling their important information to advertisement companies. You will get five formats for your images from Winstore Review BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, and GIF. So you can choose any of them and save them on your desktop.

Formats of images in WinSnap Portable Edition:

You don’t need to choose a folder of the categories of the images. It will also work automatically to detect the image formats and save them into the relevant folder. It also offers the users a private folder to save all of the images into that while that one is protected with a password. This software is perfect and no need to learn a single tool to use this WinSnap For Pc. You can easily capture screenshots from any kind of website or any important information. It has a friendly interface. This software works fast on all of Windows but one of them is suitable for Windows 7.

WinSnap Portable Screenshot Captor

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Some Important Key Features of this WinSnap:

  • Capture the images on transparent background.
  • Edit your images for a free editor in just one click to make them professional.
  • You also don’t need to capture the full page but also capture a selected part by this software.
  • There will be a watermark on the free version to remove the purchase of a paid version.
  • You can also make thumbnails of your choice according to your size needs.
  • You can watch the videos of other professional users to know about the features like how they work.
  • Add effects and some text on the screenshots.

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 2GB
  • Operating System: Windows 7,8,10 and XP.
  • Version: Paid and Free
  • Language: English
How to install WinSnap?
  1. Get the Software by utilizing the link below.
  2. Now the software needs an installation.
  3. Extract the file and install it.
  4. Just run it on your desktop.
  5. Select the version trial or paid.
  6. Capture the screenshots and Enjoy.


This software is best for the users for the management of important documents and to capture some important information that is usually displayed on different sites and also on the internet web pages. There will not be a harmful use of this WinSnap that could affect the users in issues of security and much more. Install this software to get screenshots.


Q: What OS platforms in WinSnap are compatible with?

A: WinSnap supports Windows 10, XP, 7, Vista, and 8.

Q: Dose WinSnap have a cost?

A: WinSnap is not available without any cost. However, a 30-day fully functioning trial version of the program is available to get. To Keep using the product beyond the trial time, you must buy a license.

Q: What kinds of screenshots can WinSnap capture?

A: You could take screenshots of your whole desktop, a single window, a chosen area, or a specific item with WinSnap.

Q: Can WinSnap modify screenshots?

A: A variety of editing options are available in WinSnap, enabling you to crop, resize, annotate, highlight, and apply effects to your screenshots.

Q: Does WinSnap support hotkey support?

A: You could customize WinSnap hotkeys so you could take screenshots fast without navigating through menus.

Q: Is it possible to save screenshots in various formats?

A: Indeed, WinSnap supports a number of image formats, including PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF.

Q: Can WinSnap automatically collect screenshots?

A: A number of automation capabilities in WinSnap enable you to schedule screenshots. Also, take screenshots at predetermined intervals, and more.

Q: Is WinSnap available in portable format?

A: Indeed, A portable version of WinSnap is available that could run the program from a USB drive or other portable device without the need to install it on the host computer.

Q: Do WinSnap multi-monitor configuration support?

A: WinSnap allows you to take snapshots from any connected display and supports multi-monitor configurations.

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