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Is What Screen Hunter 7.0.1449 Safe Take Review For Pc [2023]

Screen Hunter 7.0.1449 Review Reddit With Feature, Pricing & Alternatives

ScreenHunter Safe

Screen Hunter 7.0.1449 Reviews software is made to solve the problems of many people. As most users want to share their screens with their friends and family. In the past, they use mobile cameras to capture the screen to share it, with someone. But in this era, you can easily record or capture the screen without using a camera or a mobile phone. You can easily record with this software is mainly created to capture or record the screen of any device. It has a cool interface that can be understandable by every person easily.

Edit your files and save them in the Storage:

After recording your screen recording you can easily edit your video and also you can add some music or also add sound effects to make it more attractive to the audience of your social media record your gaming and also tech video for the best content for your youtube channel. It does not claim any kind of copyright. It will not leave any kind of watermark when you will record your video.

Screen Hunter Test Review is easy to use and so simple for all types of users. The software is only used to capture or record the things that are running on the screen and after recording it just stores our files in our Gallery. You can completely understand the software in just a few hours. It works like a screenshot of mobiles that capture photos but it captures videos. The program’s interior look is so good and understandable.

There are about 5 tabs present Recorder, Save image, Save video, and also many other options available for great work. If you want to record the screen. you just simply click on the button to start capturing your device screen. you can also pause your video if you want to select the video area that you want for your content. If you have recorded your video and you want to save your all files then click on the Export option to save the video. Edit your recordings and save your videos into MP4 and FLV.

How to work on the Screen Hunter For Windows?

It has two versions available one version is limited to record just only for 10 minutes. It’s a free version if you want to exceed the limit of 10 minutes then purchase its paid version that has many features compared to the free version. For online education purposes, you can also get the help of this software for indicating anything to understand the problems easily. It provides images sharing option for online classes.

Many recording trials are present in the software through that trials we can learn all the features. Its simple interface makes it popular. The free version of this Screen Hunter Board Review does not contain any kind of the latest features. Those are available in the paid version. The negative thing that seemed in this version is lots of features are present. But it does not give its users the to record the video for more than 10 minutes. If you want to capture screenshots then click on the power and volume buttons at the same time. You can also draw something on your captured device and easily capture videos on your device like Windows, macOS, and Android. Only this software allows its users to edit those files that have already been captured. You do not require any other software for editing.

Screen Hunter Reddit

Key Features of Screen Hunter Pro:

  1. Double-click on the icon of this software.
  2. You can write on the captured video.
  3. It has a fixed or also has rectangular area.
  4. Minimize or Full-screen option present it.
  5. Automatically web capture is available.
  6. Freehand and easy to use all of its features.
  7. The free Version contains a watermark but paid does not include the watermark.
How to Install Software on a device?
  • First of all download the Software.
  • Install the software.
  • Run the software on the device.
  • Enjoy!


Screen Hunter is a robust and adaptable screen capture program that provides users with a wealth of capabilities and customization choices. Also, Whether you need to record a single window or the full screen, taking and editing screenshots is a snap because of its easily operable UI and extensive capabilities. Moreover, Screen Hunter is a great option for both pros and regular users because it can record scrolling windows and webpages, support multiple monitors, and has a robust set of annotating options. In conclusion, Screen Hunter is a trustworthy and effective program for taking and editing screenshots that is unquestionably worthwhile for anybody searching for a complete screen capture solution.


Q: What is Screen Hunter?

A: You can take screenshots of your PC display with the screen capture program Screen Hunter. Also, Including full-screen, windows, and rectangle screenshots.

Q: Is Screen Hunter Free?

A: Screen Hunter provides a trial version for free as well as a version with extra capabilities that costs money.

Q: What are the differences between the free and paid version of Screen Hunter?

A: You can take screenshots with Screen Hunter’s free edition in a variety of settings, including full-screen, active window, and rectangle region. Furthermore, other capabilities available in the premium edition include the capacity to record video, the capture of scrolling widows, and automated file naming and storing.

Q: Can Screen Hunter capture screenshots of multiple monitors?

A: Screen Hunter can indeed take screenshots across many displays.

Q: Can Screen Hunter capture screenshots of a specific area on the screen?

A: Absolutely, Screen Hunter’s rectangle capture mode allows users to take screenshots of a specified region of the screen.

Q: Can Screen Hunter capture screenshots of web pages that require scrolling?

A: The paid version of Screen Hunter includes a scrolling capture mode that allows you to capture screenshots of web pages that require scrolling.

Q: Can Screen Hunter capture screenshots of video games?

Yes, Screen Hunter can capture screenshots of video games. However, depending on the game’s settings. Moreover, you can need to adjust the capture mode to capture the screen correctly.

Q: Does Screen Hunter support hotkeys for quick capture?

A: Absolutely, you can set up hotkeys in Screen Hunter to quickly collect images. Also, you could adjust them to suit your tastes.

Q: Can Screen Hunter capture screenshots with a timer?

A: Yes, you could establish a timer for screenshots captured in the timed mode of Screen Hunter’s commercial edition.

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