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Recuva Pro 2.1 Restore Deleted Files For PC, Android & Windows

Recuva Pro 2.1 Data Recovery Software Portable Version Available Here

Recuva Pro Reddit

Recuva Pro 2.1 Reviews is recovery software. With the help of this software, you can get a lot of damaged data back within a second easily and quickly. Recuva Piriform was released by the creators CCleaner and after its release, this software was too famous many users downloaded this software for recovery and it is one of the most downloaded software at that time. You can use this software for Windows and Mac as well as for Android it also works. It works like when you will delete or remove any kind of file from your storage internally and also externally no matter the data that you have deleted it’s actually not been deleted so that’s why this software works to get that hidden data back into your device.

Working of Recuva Pro Recovery Views:

If your data has been removed and you want to recover it after six months then it is difficult to get that back. CCleaner Recuva Pro is easy to use and has all of the features that are built to get the data back into your device. It is soft and so many users still recommend this software. So that’s why this software has millions of users. It’s just searching for the data that has been lost from our storage and will provide us with a few minutes of searching. It’s a one-click solution for the users. All of the files that you have deleted will restore easily. This software is not only free but also there has a paid version of this software is also available for Windows and Mac in the market.

Interface Specification:

It will show you a result table on that table if it will show you a  red circle then that means the recovery of the data is impossible. Whereas if it shows you a green one then you can easily get the data back. The last one which is orange will show the user’s actual results. Recuva Professional Trust and no one claimed till now that this software caused viruses on the device. So you can use this software easily without any loss. This software has 80% more accuracy than the other software and also gives us actual results. While you will not feel any difficulties using this software. If the photos and the videos delete from you accidentally and you recover then this software will give you an opportunity to get both of the files back in one click.

Easy to use Red Light, Green Light, and Orange Light:

Recuva Pro App is so stable and has a lot of free features that are not difficult to understand or use this software has more than a billion downloads. So that’s why this software has a trust rate that is too high. This software is not different from the other recovery software but this software has all those features or tools that you will cant get in any of the other software. If you have lost a music file then it also can recover within a few seconds. It also gives us surety to recover all of the data not only from device storage but also we can recover the data in several other devices. Like USB and memory cards easily with just one click from your mouse.

Once you will allow this software for scanning this software. Will scan all of your storage and will provide you with all of the details of your storage. You can handle all of the recovery procedures on the menu button easily. If the duration of the deleted files is less then this software will actually get them back instantly.

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Recuva Pro Restore Deleted Files

Important Key Features of Recuva Pro Data Recovery:

  • You can recover several files from your device with this software.
  • It is very easy-to-use software and has a lot of free and paid features.
  • After the scanning of our internal storage, this software provides our full list of files.
  • It considers one of the best and most used software in the World.
  • You will not be in danger after using this software.
  • Its interface has a lot of tools present.
How to install the Recuva?
  1. Download the software from the device./
  2. Install the software with your mouse.
  3. Installation completed just run.
  4. Click to recover the files.
  5. Recovery completed and now enjoy.


In conclusion, Recuva Pro is a robust data recovery program that aids users to recover lost or deleted files from hard discs, storage devices, and USB drives. It has an intuitive UI and extensive features that make it simple to utilize even for individuals with less technical understanding. The deep scan capability in Recuva is capable of recovering files from destroyed or formatted devices that other software for recovering files could be unable to retrieve. It also has a secure overwrite option that could permanently wipe files. Also, making them unrecoverable by unauthorized users. Overall, Recuva Pro is an excellent data recovery program that is well worth considering for anybody in need.


Q: What exactly is Recuva Pro?

A: Piriform, which is bought by Avast. Creates Recuva Pro, a data recovery program. It is intended to recover files that have been mistakenly erased from your device, USB devices, or a memory card.

Q: How does Recuva Pro operate?

A: Recuva Pro searches the storage medium for deleted files that can still be recoverable. It employs robust algorithms to locate and retrieve missing files.

Q: Is it safe to use Recuva Pro?

A: Indeed, Recuva Pro is completely secure to utilize. However, it advises to utilize it with caution and carefully adhere to the directions in order to avoid data loss or harm.

Q: Is it possible to restore files from a formatted disc using Recuva Pro?

A: Recuva Pro could indeed restore files from a formatted HDD. However, the possibilities of recovery are dependent on a number of parameters. Including the level of formatting and the time after formatting.

Q: What is the price of Recuva Pro?

A: Recuva Pro is available for $19.95 for a single license. Discounts are available for multiple licenses and subscriptions. You could find the most recent prices and incentives on the Piriform webpage.

Q: Can Users test Recuva Pro before buying it?

A: Indeed, you could try Recuva Pro before you buy it. The trial versions of Recuva restrict the functionality enabling users to sample the program before purchasing the Pro version.

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